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Jim Remley Q & A: “Where can I get Jim’s Expired Listing PDF?”

Thank you for the many great questions from Jim Remley’s Expired Listings Webinar.
Here is the PDF many of you are clamouring for: Jim Remley Expired Listings PDF.
And we’ve learned our lesson. Our November 16th webinar already has the PDF posted…all 15 pages! Download now and get a jump on Business Planning for 2011!

…now on to Jim:

Q: (Joe J.) Do you find better success with NEW expireds or expireds that are 6 months + old?
A: Hi Joe,
Great question – I’ve worked both of these areas. I think you do need to have a plan for going after the new daily expired listings because inevitably some sellers will immediately re-list their homes, and you never want to miss those opportunities. On the other hand many sellers – I would say in the neighborhood of 30-50% pull their homes off the market for a period of time before relisting. Because of this you definitely want a longer term approach. Many agents make the initial call, then calendar a series of calls – two weeks, one month, six weeks, two months – until they make contact with the seller.

Q: (Pam F.) Do you have a contact management system to recommend? I currently subscribe to Top Producer…what program do you recommend?
A: Top Producer is definitely the number one contact manager that you see the highest level producers in our industry use. The challenge is really learning the system and using all of the bells and whistles – I heard a stat not long ago that only 17% of agents fully use everything they are paying for with their Top Producer platform. So if you are going to pay for it, be sure to learn everything you can about the program, perhaps even make it a point to spend some time at training event.

Q: (Deb M.) How is Jim getting the phone numbers and is he following up on the “No Call List” prior to calling the expireds.
A: We are not allowed to call any seller who has listed themselves on the “Do-Not-Call” list so the first thing agents must do is cross check their expireds against the list. There are services like “The Red X” that will do this work for you. I see top producers using the phone, knocking on the door directly, emailing, and using traditional mail to make contact. Also try building a webpage for expired listings in your market or advertising for them in your local paper.

Q: (Debbie T.) How often do you contact an expired listing seller (without being a pest?)
A: I keep trying to talk to them until they tell me “no thanks” or the property has been relisted. Honestly if they tell me no –I simply send them a follow up letter or thank you note and then calendar a day to call them a month or two out just to check in with them again. This can create amazing results.

Q: What if you do not have a phone number or they are on the do not call list? Do you send a postcard or drop by?
A:It depends on the quality of the listing. I think you need to prioritize you time – so one expireds that ones that you really want to take I would say definitely go out and knock on the door. On ones that are just OK or not in your target zone I would fall back to letters.

Q: (Amy W.) Does Jim go after short sale listings which have expired?
A:Short sale expired are a terrific market, before you jump in you need to either be an expert yourself or be partnered with someone who is an expert. One way to demonstrate that you are the right person for the job is to show off your success – advertise how many homes you have listed and subsequently sold. Also let people know a long list of banks you have successfully worked with in your marketing – many may recognize their own lender on the list.

Q: (Vicky D ) If the seller does not list with you – let’s say -they want to wait 3 – 6 months – do you continue to call or do you send them some type of mail out?
A: I think I answered this one above…

Q: (Michael C.) Is it best to call the morning after a home expires or is it better to give a seller a few days to cool off?
A: The faster you can contact an expired listing the more likely you will be to take the listing. Always call or visit them as soon as possible to maximize results.

Q: (Stan B.) Is there a laundry list of websites that properties should appear on, a ‘check list’ of websites?
A: This can be often the ones you would expect like –,, but don’t be afraid to put on the site more interesting sites that will appeal to your local market. Personally I love the blog

Q: (Sheri M.) What are your suggestions for commercial property? I am sure they differ from residential.
A: Commercial is a different animal. I specialize in residential so I would recommend talking to some top commercial brokers in market you don’t serve about their approach to expired listings.

Q: (Tammy M.) Should I check to see if they have relisted prior to initial call?
A: Yes, it is a good idea to take a second to double check if they have gone back on the market. This will save you time.

Thank you Jim for sharing with us again!

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