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Webinar FAQ’s

Is your computer not cooperating when trying to view a Webinar?  Are you trying to view a recorded Webinar with no luck?  Want to know if you can view the Webinar on your mobile device?

Don’t fear…the answers are here!  Our Secrets of Top Selling Agents co-host and tech guru Mel McMurrin will be answering your frequently asked questions about connecting to the Webinar, viewing recorded sessions and more!  If you don’t see the answer to your question, please feel free to ask!

Remember,registration for any of the Webinars as well as recordings of previous Webinars can be found at!

Q. I click “View Recorded Webinar” and nothing happens, what’s wrong.

A. A number of you have had this happen …me too!  You may need to set your default digital media player. We have remedied this problem by   setting default player to Windows Media Player (but specifying other players may also work.) You need to be administrator of your computer to do this. Here’s a quick “howto”:

Start>(Settings)>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs>
Set Program Access and Defaults>Custom>Down arrow>
Choose a default media player>Windows Media Player.

Click here for a full explanation!

Q. Tried to install GoToMeeting Codec and got “The installer could not locate a suitable folder to install into.”

A. You see this message if you try to install the GoToMeeting Codec on a Windows computer when your user permissions are not “administrator” or “power user.” (Change via Start>Control Panel>User Accounts.) More info.

(Thank you BonnieLeighton for this question. Let us know if it addressed problem.)

Q.  I’m Gettting the Error “The G2M3 Codec is required to play this file”. What should I do?

A. If this is the first time you (or your computer) has played or attended a Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar it is possible you’ll need to  install the G2M2 Codec to play archives (click to install, you must have “administrator rights” on your computer. )

Q. I’m trying to watch webinar archive on the blog using Firefox and screen is squished.

A. You probably need  this Windows Media Player plug-in.  Download; close browsers; install; re-open page and hit play.