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Niche Marketing, Become a Niche Expert and Leads Will Come To You!


Michael Maher

Michael Maher feels that the gift of his Webinar with Allan Domb on May 26th 1.00 pm ET/10 am PT is the gift of FOCUS.  Are you overwhelmed and not sure where to put your attention to be the most productive?  Well, their Webinar will focus your tragectory.  They will give you 5 clear and simple ways to FOCUS your business.

During my pre-interview with them in April, Michael said:

“I think the gift of this webinar is that of FOCUS.  I think many Agents out there are stressed, scared and not sure what to do next.  And what they need to do at the end of this webinar is to become a one street specialist.  We will give them permission to go find a neighborhood and become a neighborhood expert and maybe it’s the neighborhood that they live in now.”

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