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Mariana Wagner Q&A Part 3: “What is a Widget & RSS Feed”

Here’s more Q&A from Mariana Wagner’s recent Webinar, “Breaking Down the Barriers to Blogging”. Want to watch the recorded Webinar?  View it here!

Mariana WagnerQ: What is a widget and RSS feed?

A: A widget is just the bits of information on the sidebar of a website.  An RSS feed is a simple version of all the blog posts that you write. Read More:

Q: If you are new to blogging how do you find another blogger?

Q: How do you link to a website?

A: When you are in the editor of your blog, and have written your blog post, highlight what words you want to link and click the “hyperlink” button in your editor toolbar.  In the pop up box type in the URL address for your website and click OK.  Now the words that you highlighted will be a link to your website.

Q: What are some types of sites you frequent to gather local research/updates?




Q: How do you fell about posting an article and quoting it correctly and then providing a reply to it?

A: I would never post an entire article that I did not write or purchase.  I would take an excerpt of the article, quote it correctly, link back to the original source and then make sure that 2/3 of my post was my reaction/response to that article.

Q: How are you organizing and planning all of your posts for each blog?  Do you have a list of items you update for each blog and a calendar for when/how you update it?


Roughly, this is what I try to do:

  • Monthly market reports for the areas that I work.
  • 1-2x monthly mortgage post
  • 1-2x monthly neighborhood report
  • 1x monthly buyer information
  • 1x monthly seller information
  • Featured listing posts as we take listings

Q: How do you bring traffic to your blog?

A: I promote my blog everywhere OFFLINE that I promote my wesite (business cards, flyers, postcards, newsletters …) and I have links to my blog on all my online social media profiles.

Q: How many blogs do you have?

A: 1 Active Rain blog, 3 active niche blogs and I am currently working on 3 more.

Q: So does your blog have a general “title” and each blogpost have a new title?

A: Your blog has a name and then each post has a title that defines what that post is about.

 You can find me at:




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