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Mariana Wagner Q & A Pt 4 “Do you post identical blog posts on multiple blog formats?

Mariana WagnerOur last set of great answers to unanswered questions from Mariana Wagner’s recent Webinar, Breaking Down the Barriers to Blogging”. Want to watch the recorded Webinar?  View it here! 

Q: Do you post identical blog posts on multiple blog formats? i.e., Active Rain and WordPress? Does that hurt your rankings?
A: I post my blog posts to my blog and then I post a truncated version on Active Rain with a link back to the original post – on my blog. Think of it this way, wherever you post it first will get the credit for the content.

Q: I have 3 niches, I market church buildings, foreclosures and short sales. Should I have 3 blogs? And can I blog once and have it fed to other blog locations automatically? thx.
A: Church buildings should be one blog and short sales and foreclosres should be another blog. Unless you have a custom/paid blog set up (ex: through the, you cannot automatically syndicate posts.
Q: when you enter the keywords in the SEO section of the website, do you put a comma between the phrases?
A: You would have to ask your website provider how that works for your particular site.

Q: what % of Mariana’s closings are foreclosures or short sales?
A: We no longer go after that market. In 2008/2009 about ¼-1/3 of our listing sales were short sales. Now we only have 2 short sales left on our books.

Q: How much time did it take you to set up your blog? Do you have assistants helping you?
A: A free blog ( or should take 1-2 hours to get fully set up. When it comes to writing real estate blog posts, I do that myself and it takes about 1 hour per post, and have help me with mortgage articles.
Q: so… what are some “calls to action” that would make someone call you after reading a blog,  rather than calling some other realtor
A:  The top 2 calls to action are:

  • Search all Homes for Sale in [your area] >> linking to your IDX solution
  • Find the Value of Your [area] Home >> linking to your CMA request page

Q: can a blog be used as a periodical newsletter to your sphere of influence?
A: Absolutely!
Q: if you use other folks videos and podcasts… can you do so if you reference where you got it from… that is, a NPR podcast about foreclosures… can you post that on your own blog, if properly credited?
A: If you find a video on YouTube and there is an active “embed” link next to it, then you are free to use that video on your site.

Q: What are “Tags” and why is important to use them?
A: TAGS are just a way to further categorize your blog posts. It is another way for people and search engines to know more about what your blog is about.

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