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Laura Duggan & Patrick Birdsong Q & A Pt 2: “Do you advertise current listings on Facebook?”

Laura Duggan and Patrick Birdsong

Laura and Patrick

Jeff wrote:

Q: Do you advertise current listings on Facebook

A: Yes, on the side bar through  however, I am not sure that I will continue this because then sends them away to the agents who purchase zip codes that these listings are in.  If they don’t discontinue this practice, we will stop advertising our listings there.  People don’t come to my Facebook page to look at my listings anyway. They come to converse with me. They can go to our business page or our website if they want to look at our listings.

Linda wrote:

Q: How much time do you spend on social media as opposed to doing old school activities like calling and opens?

A: The great thing about social media is that it can be done during dead time at open houses, while you are watching tv in the evening or while you are waiting for an appointment with someone. It is quick and easy to update your status, comment on someone else’s posting or dash off a blog. I personally love to connect this way because it is not intrusive like a telephone call is. And, the gen y crowd does not want to be called or emailed. Text them or connect with social media.  I spend more time with social media than making phone calls, but it is an easier call when you have just seen something on facebook or twitter that relates to a client or someone in your database that gives you a compelling reason to call them…graduation of a kid, loss of a family member or pet, new job, etc. 

Nancy wrote:

Q: How can I help ensure people from my target geographic area can find my Facebook page (and I find theirs?) – thanks Nancy

A: Network into the base by adding people in a targeted way in a group, company or geographic area.  Find one that is in the group and see who their friends are in the group that you can connect to. If necessary, ask for an introduction. Watch for their postings and comment on them. Always be positive. Pretty soon you will be enlarging your circle in the group.

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