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Getting Back to Basics

Like most little girls, I grew up taking dance classes. I started out just taking ballet for a few years, then gradually added tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, and hip hop to my class schedule. Over the several years I took dance classes, I eventually got quite good — I was good enough to finally be involved in my studio’s competition company, which meant I got to travel all around competing for medals and trophies. I loved it all! Well, almost all of it.

Truth be told? I hated ballet.

Oh, how I hated ballet with a fiery passion. If it were up to me, I would have just packed my schedule full of lyrical, jazz, and tap classes forever. I couldn’t be happier than I would be in those circumstances, dancing for hours on end every week. But it wasn’t up to me. Because I was in the company, I was required to take ballet. And not just one class, mind you. Three to four a week, each one offering up its own unique bit of dread. Each year as I went to sign up for classes, I would beg and plead with my dance teacher: “Please don’t make me take ballet this year!”

“You have to,” she’d say sternly. “Ballet is the basic foundation for all other types of dance. If you don’t take ballet, your technique will suffer.”

As much as I hated to admit it, she was right. If I missed a ballet class for whatever reason, my legs wouldn’t lift as high as they should. My center of balance would be off. My arms would have a harder time finding their positions. Ballet kept me in tip top dancer shape.

No matter what your passion or vocation is, it never hurts to go back and refresh your memory on the basics. That’s what our next webinar is all about. On Wednesday, August 31st, Linda McKissack will join us to talk about the 10 fatal mistakes real estate agents make that sabotage their success. Linda is a top agent in her franchise nationally, so she definitely knows what real estate agents should know and do in order to succeed. Even after doing real estate for so long, agents could possibly forget the fundamentals about the business and need a little help getting back on track. Linda will go over business essentials (such as lead generation and getting rid of all the barriers in your way) to help any business become more natural and fulfilling. This free webinar is a must for anyone who wants their business to be as big as it can be, no matter what the market looks like at any given time.

Join us Wednesday, August 31, at 1PM ET! Registration is free, as always! Click to sign up today!

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