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Fix it Before it Breaks

You know that old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

It’s a pretty decent adage to live by, I’d say. However, what if it’s broke, but you don’t know it’s broke, so therefore, you can’t fix it?


As for me, I am the worst about this. I’ll go about my day — work, meetings, home life, and the like — and I’ll think everything’s fine and dandy like sour candy. Then something will go wrong at work and my boss will have to reprimand me. Or at home, and my husband will have to pull me aside and let me know I carelessly said something to hurt him. Or with a friend, and she’ll have to call me and let me know why she’s unhappy with me.

Somehow along the lines, I’ll manage to unknowingly get myself on the wrong page and need to back track to figure out what went wrong. Once I see the pieces lying on the floor, I’m very aware that whatever it was is broken and I do my best to fix it. But what would happen if I could see cracks forming before the break even happened? I’d desperately tend to the wound, hoping to save it before it was too late.

Denny Grimes wants to help you “fix it even if you don’t know it’s broken” when it comes to your listings the real estate business. Denny has almost thirty years of experience in the business, and a truckload of accreditation to demonstrate his success. If you’ve ever had a bad listing, an expired listing, or a listing on the market more than, oh let’s just say, five days, you should attend Denny’s webinar, “Develop the Mindset of an Expert Listing Agent: Stop Listing Property and Start Listing Property Owners,” on Wednesday, September 28, at 1PM ET/10AM PT. Denny will teach you how to get the most from your listings and feel better about your business.

To read more about Denny and to register for this free webinar, click here! See you Wednesday!

by Lindsay Durrenberger

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