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Did you hear? Only 22% of home buyers are happy with their agent!!

According to RisMedia, only 22% of home buyers are happy with their agent!

If only 22 % of buyers were happy with their agent that means 78% are unhappy. Ugh!  The ecomony is down and agents get wrongfully targeted, for sure, but is it possible that agents are trying to work with buyers in the same way they did during the last US buyers market from 1989 to 1997?  Perhaps that is why 78% of the public are unhappy with their agents?  Perhaps agents have not caught up with internet tools and technologies that impress buyers and make them happy?

SO we are in our first buyers market in the history of the internet, and agents are needing to relearn how to work with buyers and know where to find them.  Join us this Thursday as Stephen Haas and Cindy Marchant teach us how to work a buyers market in this new age of the internet.  Click here to register.

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