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Debra Helleren

Debra Helleren

Debra Helleren

Debra Helleren has lived previous lives as  Director (of  theatre and video); as Sales Rep (most recently in the publishing industry) and as Instructor (corporate training and acting* .)  She draws on all 3 pasts  producing and hosting the “Secrets Of Top Selling Agents” Webinar series. She is the rare native Australian, who never says Gidday Matee! Email or call 707-928-9937.

Mel McMurrin

Mel McMurrin.

Mel McMurrin

Mel McMurrin brings a radio and acting background to the audio engineering and production of  “Secrets” webinars. You may have heard him singing at booth at several National Association of Realtors expos.  Like Debra he has also been a teacher, director and sales rep but he is most proud of being able to say  “Flash Slideshow Builder” 3 times very quickly when asked. Contact

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  1. BonnieLeighton says

    I’ve been trying to view Mariana Wagner’s webinar from yesterday & it won’t let me. It says I have to install something, which was already installed on my computer. When I tried to re-install it, it said it couldn’t find a folder to install it into. Any suggestions?

  2. Mel says

    Hi Bonnie,
    Sorry for the hassle. Sounds like you don’t have administrator permissions on that computer. I just posted how to remedy GTM2 codec problems in the FAQ.

    Next week an edited archive will be posted that does not require all the codec rigmarole. Mariana was fantastic, you don’t want to miss this one!

  3. Kevin says

    Looking for Larry Kendall Business Plan Video from Nov 2010 but when you play it is another presentation of his from Jan 2010. Do you have the link from this webinar?

  4. Mel says

    Oops. I just updated that post to display the correct webinar. A great webinar to get you ready for any year…2011 or 12 or…. make sure to download the 21 page PDF!

    …and catch Michael Maher’s Communication plan for 2012 Webinar if you didn’t already!…it has great PDF download as well.

  5. Diane Huson says

    Debra and Mel,

    Watched the Scripts and Dialogues with Alexis Bolin. It was outstanding. I got lots of usable information. You discussed providing us with a copy of the listing information profile during the webinar and I was wondering how to access that? Please let me know and thanks for all the wonderful webinars that you host.

  6. Debra says

    Hi Diane,

    Thanks for writing, I appreciate your comments.

    I just tried uploading the listing form but we have an IT problem with our blog. I just alerted the guys who fix these incidents, so Stay Tuned, I will post when I can.

    If you can’t wait another minute watch the recorded version on our website under Previous Webinars.

    Take care,

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