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Jim Remley | Master the FSBO Appointment & Legacy FSBO’s

September 2018

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Sue “Pinky” Benson | Sell Listings in Record Time Using Video & Social

August 2018

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Leigh Brown | 3 Secrets to Building a Real Estate Team

(that won’t drive you crazy!)

July 2018

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Phil Greely | 3 Secrets from a Media-Savvy Local Expert

Podcasting, Vlogging and Interactive Schools Guide

June 2018

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Katie Lance #GetSocialSmart

Hone Your Social Media

June 2017

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Joes Sesso | Unlocking the Power of

Essential tools for real estate success.

May 2017

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Jim Remley & James Colburn | Teamify

When and Why to Build a Real Estate Team

April 2017

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Leigh Brown | Facebook for Sellers

Concrete ideas for enhancing relationships, leads and closings using Facebook Ads Manager
March 2017

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Stacie Staub | Launching a Real Estate Brand from Scratch

Baby Steps & Big Changes
February 2017

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Marguerite Giguere & Anne Jones | Invest in Your Community & They Will Invest in You!

How community marketing beats burnout and is the best marketing of all.
January 2017

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